A new start

February 27th, 2018

I've had a WordPress blog here for years. I'd post some updates on things happening to me, link to other projects - you know, blog stuff. But in my previous position at work, I got too busy and this site became neglected, orphaned really. And it was just my luck that some nefarious entity decided to worm their way into some plugin I didn't update and was able to post a bunch of malicious files - ugh.

They really trashed the place. I tried cleaning things up, but there always seemed to be some other benign looking file that was bad. Toss in the fact that Google listed my site as malicious.

So when I found myself out of work at the beginning of the year, it was time to finally clean things up, change passwords, wipe out all the files, get a good health checkup from Google.

Things are still in progress, but I like this simple CMS from Kirby. Hopefully I can avoid some issues down the road with this.