Extending my education

August 9th, 2018

Only one of the three classes I took last semester toward getting my CS Degree challenged me in a way that I should be growing - leaving me a little frustrated with going back to college. One of the classes was simply an intro class, and I didn't expect too much from that one. The other however had us making minimally useful projects and only started getting interesting the final week of class where we touched upon Design Patterns and actually Object Oriented Programming. I'll probably continue taking online classes, but not so many all at once. I'd still like to get my degree but don't want to waste my time either.

I started looking around for what I should do next and came across the idea of building an Alexa app. The online examples use a lot of Node.js which was a bit new for me. It all seemed pretty familiar, and doing a bit more reading up on it I found out its just JavaScript running on the server instead of the client - acting much like PHP does. So after running through Amazons examples and a couple of online tutorials, I started searching for a more in-depth node course and came across an inexpensive course from Eduonix.

He works in different tools than what I use, so making all of what he talks about work in Sublime and using some of the helpful packages take me a few extra steps to set up - but overall, I've liked this program a lot.

A few days back I got an email from Eduonix about a Kickstarter for a Full Stack course they were putting together, I jumped at the chance to be a super early bird supporter and picked up their Full Stack course for $49. It goes live in October, and I'm looking forward to spending some time rounding out my skill set with more Full Stack experience.

I think focusing on getting this certification/E-Degree from Eduonix will be more prudent for my short-term goals, then returning to my College classes for the Spring semester is the most prudent path at present. And I'll have time to finish my NodeJS course in the meantime, and maybe even finish my Alexa App!